About us

Hey there dear readers,

Thank you so much for stopping by!

We are Audrey and Tibo; both in our mid-(to-late)-twenties and clearly born with the travel bug as the two of us have lived in 12 different cities on three continents combined over the years. We have developed a passion for traveling, hiking, photography and writing, and thought this was the perfect recipe to start a blog to share our pictures and experiences.

Hapa is a Hawaiian term for a person of mixed heritage, essentially of partial Asian roots. I’m a true Hapa as I am half-Chinese and half-Belgian, whereas Tibo is a Hapa at heart as he lived in Asia for the better part of a decade ;-). We both fell in love with everything in Hawaii when on holiday there in 2016 and have been dying to go back ever since. Using a Hawaiian word to name our blog was a way to pay tribute and reminisce our love for the land.

Roving means to travel constantly without a fixed destination, and this could not sum us up better. The idea is that adventure is everywhere, and that it really is possible to live unforgettable experiences anywhere across the globe. We want to celebrate the beauty of the world and share our stories of the amazing places discovered and people encountered along the way.

We split the blog into three main categories:

Backpacks refers to the destinations we went to: you will find travel diaries, pictures, as well as tips and secret gems to explore off the beaten track.

Bowls represents our love of food and of discovering new cuisines: we became vegetarians a few years ago for ethical and environmental reasons and never looked back. Through food guides and ‘best of’ lists, we want to show that a veggie lifestyle when traveling is not hard and restrictive, quite the contrary.

Being is a melting pot of everything lifestyle: from playlists to travel tips, you will be able to enjoy more personal articles as well as guest posts.

We’ve poured our hearts and souls into this new project so we hope you will enjoy it and that it will bring you something, be it a few minutes of evasion, some practical advice and knowledge, or the sudden desire to pack your bags and explore this beautiful planet of ours!


A few random things…


The place I would go to for the rest of my life: Hawaii

The dish that makes me feel at home: Pasta. Any kind of pasta.

My biggest pet peeve: hair in my face when I’m running / eating / whenever

Next bucket list items I want to cross off: Cinque Terre, Matterhorn, Norway


The place I would go to for the rest of my life: Hawaii

The dish that makes me feel at home: Mapo Tofu

My biggest pet peeve: getting stuck behind slow people on crowded sidewalks

Next bucket list items I want to cross off: Mt Blanc, Iceland, Tuscany